The whole truth about private equity loans

When talking about private capital, on many occasions you have the perception that they are very expensive compared to bank loans, this is not at all the case if you know how to select the place to contracts them and if you know the basic characteristics of the same.

Characteristic of the private equity loans

Characteristic of the private equity loans

First of all, it is necessary to keep in mind what these private capital personal loans can achieve: loans from private capital allow, for example, access to financing, even if you do not have a job (loans without payroll), although you do not Income is available and even if you appear in delinquent files.

This allows us to say that they offer a level of accessibility that bank loans in no case offer, and this means that they incorporate a somewhat higher commercial cost, since it is a product that is marketed differently. In other words, just as not all cars or any other product have the same price depending on the product, its qualities, benefits, etc., the same is true of financial products.

Beyond business differences in private equity loans

Beyond business differences in private equity loans

Now, although the difference between interest rates is true and logical due to the differences between the benefits of one and the other loans, it is also true that according to the fact that private lenders apply interest rates, they apply excessive figures and conditions, hence the importance of choosing the right place to finance. Well, if you know how to choose the right place to go, there should not be such a great difference in costs.

In addition, another one of the questions to take into consideration is the whole range of services that good private capital loans provide you, quality added services are also another of the great realities of this type of loan.

And all of the above without forgetting that these private capital personal loans are intended to be used on an urgent basis, that is, to be used as great solutions for fast money and urgent liquidity. This means that they are designed to be granted quickly, and for example in our company, the concession period does not usually exceed 72 hours.

More doubts and realities about private equity lenders

More doubts and realities about private equity lenders

In addition to all of the above, another of the big doubts that many people face about this type of loan is who they are aimed at and, of course, also what uses they can give it. Well, in the following lines you will find the answer to both questions.

First of all, contrary to what many people may think, private equity loans are accessible to all budgets, and if you contract them with us for example, advantages are incorporated that make them extremely accessible and affordable (without study costs or opening, without cancellation fees, 5-year grace period and different forms of payment are some of these advantages). All this allows guaranteeing access to all kinds of people. It is worth mentioning that they are available to individuals, but also to freelancers and companies in our country.

Thus, any company in any sector, any professional in any field and anyone in any situation can apply for these private capital personal loans.

In relation to the question of the use that you can give to said budgets, to say that the use is general, there is no specific use. Unlike other types of loans, these loans are granted to you and are not subject to purchasing a certain product or service.

Finally, another aspect that also raises doubts is the mode of return of private equity loans. As indicated (in the case of our company), private equity loans incorporate different forms of payment (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually) and a grace period of up to 5 years in the payment of interest, but they can also come to return in a period of up to 10 years.

Ultimately, personal loans from private capital represent a clear and completely viable and accessible alternative to bank loans. They can offer tight conditions and first-rate services, but as indicated, real specialists must be consulted so that the choice is successful.

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